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Storm Led Flight Cancellations Might Trigger Cheaper Tickets

Since Feb 5, thousands of scheduled flights across various destinations in US were cancelled. Close to 14,000 to 15,000 flights were cancelled in the first week of February because of storm fallout. Airport authorities have been trying hard to get the snow of runways and important connecting roads in order to ensure that passengers are not discomforted.

However, as many as a million or so passengers have been forced to rebook or cancel their flights because of the torrential weather conditions. Some analysts believe that the present scenario will take about 2 weeks to subside and the airliners might offer slights on a lower base fare.

This period has scene substantial low revenues for the airliners in east and Midwest coast. As several flights have been cancelled or rescheduled as the events developed. Broad level breakup of the cancelled flights and the airliner include:

  • US Airways Group announced cancellation of 1,527 jet flights and 4,284 commuter flights. US Airways has 3,000 scheduled flights across various destinations in US.
  • Southwest Airlines, Philadelphia based airliner grounded close to 2800 flights in the first week of February. Southwest averages 3,100 daily nonstop flights.
  • Continental Airlines canceled 918 flights. It averages 2,500 daily flights
  • American Airlines canceled 815 flights out of 3,400 scheduled flights
  • Delta Airlines canceled 3,000 flights out of 5,900 daily flights
  • United Airlines grounded 1500 flights out of 3,300 daily scheduled flights

Since 2001, the storm caused flight cancellations and rescheduling has been so high this time round. In order to make up for the low revenues the airliners should be all set to offer discounted and cheaper air fares once the snow storm subsides. Passengers who have flexible travel dates can get to benefit from such schemes and offers in a better way



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Delta Airlines sets request on 2 Sao Paulo nonstop flights

Delta Air Lines requested from federal government to set up nonstop flights between Detroit Metro Airport and Sao Paulo, Brazil, its first ever. Delta said that would support the airport's position as a major international gateway... READ MORE

Air Canada Touches Newer Skies

Air Canada is all set to fly to seven new markets in US including Memphis. The airliner will be commencing its maiden flight to Memphis beginning May 17. Six other US markets where Air Canada would be stepping in include - Orange County, Calif.; San Diego; Portland, Oregon; Cincinnati; Portland, Maine; and Syracuse, New York .The Canadian flag carrier will connect Memphis International airport with Toronto’s Pearson International airport... READ MORE

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Biofuel Powers Aviation Sector
What looked like a mere dream and an on paper idea few years back has become a reality now. Thanks to the Green energy and means which have empowered the aviation sector. UOP has achieved a breakthrough solution for powering the jets with bio fuel... READ MORE

Low Cost Airliners Rule The Aviation Sector
Legacy carriers are losing their sheen and market share steadily to the low cost and no frill airliners. Way back in 2000, legacy carriers including US Airways, Delta Airlines, Continental Airways, Alaska and Northwest Airways had a consolidated market share of 90%. Today they have lost a major chunk of passenger load to AirTran, JetBlue and Southwest Airlines, the low cost carriers... READ MORE

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